Cluster Settings

Show #DUPE# in Bandmaps and Cluster Lists
Delete #DUPE# spots ON
Keep spots not older than #(5) minutes
Spot comment
Manual input frequency at the spot
AutoLocal spot after freq change
Show only mults (pictures)
Allow #DUPE# local spots
Navigate DUPE spots
Change Band on BandMap button ON
Other style for calls liste in .hlp file Italic
Underline ON
Add 50 Hz to spot
Clear call after delete spot
Use filter pattern ON
Show hint after MyCall spotted Bkg (green) ON
Text (black)
PauseHide #(5000)
Autoconnect with 5MTelnetSrv (greyed out) Redundant (5MTelnetSrv is started automatically in newer release of 5MC)
Show Freq with Call (R1)
Show Angle with Call (R1)
Use color (Bandmap-R1) for selected Call (yellow) ON
Show Freq with Call (R2)
Show Anle with Call (R2)
Use clor (Bandmap-R2) for selected Call (yellow) ON
Manually enter a spot comment
Maximum spots #(600)
Grab BandMap Nearest Calls ON
Inser Date-Time ON

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