Common Bottom

Ticker Settings

Clear field after n(200)
Clear if NUM empty
TimeON from n(15) Minimum duration of off time to count
Animated MULT Display „MULTI“ in „New QSO“ windows for new multipliers
Band Color highlight Show different bands in different colors in „QSO List“ window (colors defined in Settings „Common“-„Graphs“ tab)
Show call Display own call in „Main Button“ line
Auto start Time Sync for 5MC Automatically synchronize PC time every n (10) minutes with internet time server
Stop CQ if Call changed Stop CQ call and AUTO CQ function as soon as a character is typed into the CALL field
Automatic log update after changes
Help file on top
Allow 2 TX in SO2R
Highlight Control Number When „NUM Rcvd“ field in „New QSO“ windows gets focus, automatically select all its content to easily overwrite.
Substitute from HLP file Insert „NUM Rcvd“ field content from HLP file (i.e. use exchange guessing)
AutoSave selected Profile
Band change rule (no / n(10) per hour / n(10) per hour and mode / n(10) minutes / n(5) per period) Contest Band Change rules
Use Russian keyboard layout

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