MMVARI Settings

Parameter Group Parameter
Audio Device
Sound Channel
SoundCard FIFO
Follow DIG - rtty_U(L) With most transceiver types, the upper sideband mode of the transceiver coincides with MMVARI’s „_U“ modes. If SSB_U or DIG_U is selected at TRX in combination with e.g. rtty_u in MMVARI the decoded text will be correct. With some transceivers the logic is inverted (maybe caused by errors in the omnirig ini-file). To decode with the TRX at SSB_U the MMVary engine needs to be set to rtty_L. This can be enforced with this setting.
Digital Output level
PlayBack options With Advanced MMVari waterfall (spectrum) window. Menu MMVARI - Advanced View with popup menu (right click) you can add rx channels and show show the last N decoded characters per channel. N is defined through Menu Management-5MContest Settings-MMVARI tab-Radio tab-Color settings tab. „Show RX Channel text hint“ group. PlayBack options are set under MMVARI-General-„PlayBack options“ group. Playback can be enabled, number of seconds of playback and the key combination to start playback when clicking a signal in the waterfall (Click, ALT+Click, CTRL+Click, Shift+Click). When playback is running „Play back“ is displayed in the left bottom corner of the Advanced MMVARI View window
Clock RX
HAM Default Ticker Apply „HAM default“ when executing CQ macro
Audio Frequency Default audio frequency (mid frequency between mark and space)
WaterFall Speed
RX Window Decode only if RTTY/PSK If checked for all other Radio 1 window modes (Log Modes) than RTTY/PSK the MMVARI engine does not decode received signals.
Max RXCh
HPF (DC ingredients cutter)

Color Settings

Parameter Group Parameter
Show RX Channel text hint group

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