OmniRIG Settings


Parameter Group Ticker Options Remarks
Radio 1/2 VHF Transverter
PTT via CAT OFF Switch PTT via CAT Protocol
In AFSK Mode use OFF Mode to use separate mode for RX and TX. Allows e.g. to use narrow CW filters or CW mode where SSB is used for sending.
rtty-L (fixed) / rtty-U (fixed)
RX AFSK Listening Mode
TX AFSK Transmit Mode
Detune (Hz) Signal Shift on TRX between modes
CW via CAT (only Kenwood protocol) OFF Key CW via CAT (only available on Kenwood transceivers)
Show Time after QSO
Spot Mode Mapping The Spot Mode Map defines the relation between Log Mode (and mode in spots) and TRX mode depending on Mode and AFSK/FSK settings. This is independant of the digi Engine. In MMVARI AFSK/FSK is selected under PTT/FSK (5MC Settings-MMVARI settings, in MMTTY through the checkbox (5MC Settings-MMTTY settings)
CW Skimmer Telnet Server Port
Auto Start
Auto Start RX
Process SP station

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