RTTY & PSK Settings

CQ Mode

Ticker Settings

CQ Mode
Move cursor after report
Repeat ~[CALL] in TU macro if call change
Always repeat ~[CALL] in AnswerNext TU macros
Activate AutoCQ If unchecked, AutoCQ can only be started through its function key, if checked ENTER also starts AUTO CQ
For part Call - Question
Work #DUPE#
Set RIT_0 after TU
TU - RXFreq = TXFreq
Clear Call
Aut TX after CALL click

S&P Mode

Ticker Settings

Ticker Default Remarks
SP Mode ON
On Enter - Always callsign macro
Move cursor in report field
Auto TX after CALL click
Correct TXFreq in FSK
SetFocus to NumEdit after AutoGrab

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