CW Settings

Ticker Settings

Parameter Default
CQ Mode ON Enable ESM for CW CQ Mode
Repeat CALL in TU macro on if Callsign change (Send part of the callsign / UpSpd) When CALLSIGN has changed before the TU macro is sent, resend the callsign before the TU message. Option: Send only the prefix or suffix that changed.
Autosend after (symbols) characters (A # , B #) ON Start sending the CALLSIGN after a number of character of it have been typed.
AutoAnswerNext (Text: TU) ON Automatically call station in „Call to Answer Next“ window using the „Text“ as TU message
Move cursor after Report ON Automatically move the cursor focus to the „Report Rcvd“ field after CALLSIGN and „REPORT Sent“ has been sent
Clear Call ON
For part of Call - Question ON If the input of the CALLSIGN field is not a valid call, repeat the input and remain in CALLSIGN field.
Enable AutoCQ Enable AUTO CQ for the ESM CQ message too.(when the message is started on ENTER (without this option even with AUTO ON in „New QSO“ window AUTO CQ is only started with by pressing F1).
SetRIT_0 after TU ON Set RIT automatically to 0 after the QSO is logged.

S&P Mode


SP macro Enable ESM for CW S&P mode
On Enter - Always callsign macro
Move cursor in report field

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